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A Systematic Approach to Solving Contact Lens Discomfort

Comfort may be the number one factor in achieving a successful, long-lasting contact lens fit. Take a stepwise approach when comfort can’t be found.

Four Contact Lens Complications to Combat

Any one of these could cause significant visual problems, so do your best to be proactive to prevent further damage.

Get Daily Disposables On Your Radar

These lenses come with many benefits, but we need to make sure we’re doing our best to shed light on what they are.

How to Refit the Unhappy Multifocal Patient

These tips can help you turn a negative experience into a postitive one.

Navigating the Crosslinking Possibilities

Future modifications to the standard protocol already in use abroad may soon make their way stateside.


By Any Genes Necessary

Determining possible genetic predispositions could help improve contact lens safety.

Finding the Perfect Alignment

Understand the invaluable technology that can make lens fitting more efficient.

Fitting Outliers: A Guessing Game

A case of megalocornea shows the need for flexibility to adapt to unique circumstances.

Five Ways to Optimize the Contact Lens Experience

Follow these for more successful visual outcomes and increased patient satisfaction.

Ring Around the Cornea

Peripheral edema occurring many years post-op, signifying Brown-McLean syndrome, may be initially alarming, but it’s nothing to worry about.

When All Else Fails

Time and topical medications fell short of providing relief for this pyogenic granuloma patient, leaving only one option: surgery.

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